Ray Longchamp

Teaching Resume:

I have more then thirty years experience as a professional musician - performing, booking, promoting, teaching and recording.

Academic Background:

B. A. Ramapo College - graduated Magna cum Laude 3.82 GPA
Graduate Work in Education - Rutgers University - Masters of Education Program
Graduate Work in Liberal Arts - Ramapo College - MLA Program
Studied Jazz with legendary jazz guitarists - Bucky & John Pizzarelli

Teaching Bio - Profile
Qualifications, Specialties & Strengths - Communications & Educational Skills:

I am equally adept at connecting and engaging with students of all age groups, interest and aptitude levels from young children and beginners to proficient adults. In addition to my comprehensive knowledge of general music theory and specific stringed instrument techniques, I specialize in making learning music relevant to my students. As a supplement to whatever books & materials are relevant I transpose and teach students (on an understandable and digestible level) music they like and spark interest and love of their instrument and music in general.

I have tremendous rapport with children, keeping the lessons fun while fostering a love of music. Interestingly, one of the most valuable techniques I have learned came from seminars on positive reinforcement while teaching tennis at camps during summers off from college. I reinforce and encourage, every correct or good action. I make the students mistakes part of the journey towards the correct notes or techniques. This positive approach works as well with adults as with children.

Positive Practical Theory:

Students practice more, get better faster and show an interest in increasingly more challenging and esoterically rewarding music as a result. Music becomes fun to them.

Musical Strengths

- Strong sight reading ability
- Comprehensive knowledge of music theory
- Excellent "ears": This enables me to transpose music for students quickly, accurately & efficiently

Stylistic Versatility

On guitar, I am well versed in rock, blues, country, reggae, jazz, classical, bluegrass & other genres. I teach pick-style and finger-style on all levels. I also teach beginning & intermediate banjo, mandolin & bass guitar.

Ray On Guitar


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