Ray Longchamp
The Peach Project

A six piece band Performing the music of the legendary Allman Brothers Band with the vocal and improvisational fire and creativity inspired by the original artist. The melodic talent within this group of professional musicians are always a pleasure to enjoy live.

Peach Project

One Man Gathers - OMG

...is a powerful five piece ensemble covering songs that the Grateful Dead performed. The members are all pro's and play their respected parts properly, This band gets INTENSE! Their jams get deep and the guys play off each other like brothers with a tight knit knowing energy. They reproduce the classic GD tunes from the late 60's, 70's, 80's & 90's. OMG is a must see act if you like to dance and appreciate listening to live dead music.

Sounds of Simon & Garfunkel

Creating the Sounds of Simon & Garfunkel. The group consists of Ray Longchamp singing and playing Guitar, Vin Manzo singing and playing Guitar with the backing of Tom Hammer on Keys. The SOSG tight knit performances are astonishing to say the least.


Sounds of Simon and Garfunkel


The Ray Longchamp Band

The Ray Longchamp Band is a group of musicians that have constantly supported Ray Longchamp throughout the years. Rythme Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter Vincent Manzo always joins as a core partner on most of these duo, trio & quartet styled performances. Drummers, Bass & Keyboard Players are also called upon depending on the requirements or request of the event producers.


Longchamp Band



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Entertainment for Senior Community Centers

Senior Communities

OMG @ Warwick Winery Deadfest


Longchamp & Manzo's Demo Reel

Demo Video

The Peach Project in Warwick NY


Sounds of Simon & Garfunkel Video

SOSG Demo Video

Longchamp Hosts Mason Jar's Open Mic Every Monday @ 7:00PM

Rhodes Open Mic

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