December Newsletter 12/01/19

Greetings Folks- We're ending a great year with a bang! maybe even a big bang (and it's not just a theory). Many cosmic events & stellar (& interstellar) shows to lick forward to- a solar system, maybe a galaxy, dare I say a universe of musical and communal fun!

- Peach Project back in action (after another amazing post Thanksgiving night show) for an afternoon matinee at The Turning Point in Piermont NY. Sunday December 22nd. 4:00 p.m. start. Perfect! One of the best venues in the tri-state area with an incredible in-house sound system and a history of legendary performances by some of the best national & international artists.

- Sun Dec 29th- A Ramsey High School reunion show of sorts! I'll be playing with old friends Mike Dann & Steve Bernstein at Shortways Barn in Hawthorne. Probably will be some very talented special guests who are Ramsey alumni!
Mike & Steve had a band together in the 70's called "Old Cotter", so we're dubbing this- "Old Codger"- has a ring to it- eh? Gonna be packed so I would get there early (well, technically, I have to- I'm playing- but you do it too). Your hosts- The Shortway family from Ramsey. 4:00 p.m. start.

- Longchamp, J'Mo & Rocky at Ole Tapas in Suffern NY Sat 12/28. I'll be teaming up with acoustic fingerstyle virtuoso John Moroski (stage name J'Mo) & brilliant young talented singer-songwriter Raquelle Rocco (stage name Rocky"). Trust me- you're gonna wanna hear this!

- Longchamp & Manzo bringing our harmonies, classic tunes, & jamming to MB&G Fri 12/6, Hilltop Tavern in Lodi Sun 12/8, Ramsey Country Club Thur 12/26, & The Shannon Rose in Ramsey Fri 12/27.

- Solos at fine restaurants & breweries Smokey's Tavern in Vernon NJ, Kobe Sushi in New City NY, Westtown Brew Works in Westtown NY, Copper Barn in Middletown NY

- Open Mic Nite every Monday at Rhodes North. We're making musical history & great fun & memories every Monday here- come & experience the camaraderie, harmony, & music that comes out of having a bunch of talented people sharing their talent- great moments always happen here- there's something about the relaxed looseness of an open mic night that brings out the best in people. Lot's of laughs too!

-Guitar Lessons from Ray Longchamp. I also teach 5 string banjo, mandolin, ukelele, and bass. Any age, any level, any style.

- Senior communities during the day.

- OK- we've got the go ahead for blast off from mission control and our flight itinerary is specifically keeping our orbit out of range of the North Pole and any flying sleighs early on 12/25, so- Roger Houston- we don't have a problem- let's head for SPACE!


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