February Newsletter 02/01/20

Greetings Folks- This is gonna be a fun (& so far pretty warm) February. Punxsutawney Phil is saying- longer days, more sunlight, & four more weeks of amazing music! (Yes- I had to look up how to spell Punxsutawney). Here we go-

- Stay tuned- The long, long (long) awaited Ray Longchamp album (CD) of original tunes is in the recording process. We hope to have it finished soon & will be posting some "in progress" snippets on this website & my facebook page to generate interest, buzz, curiosity, mystique, & rabid yearning for swift completion of the finished product!

- Peach Project back at Emerson Hotel Sat 2/8. (Sneak preview- we're also gonna be at Debonair Music Hall on March 14th- & by the way- Peach Project- same initials as Punxsutawney Phil, albeit easier to spell).

- OMG- One Man Gathers Grateful Dead Tribute- Our long awaited debut at Parkside Tavern in Pearl River for a Sunday matinee 2/9- 3 to 7- we're very psyched for this full electric band show & have every intention of (with your help) blowing the roof off the joint! March 1st we do another Sunday afternoon matinee debut at Finks BBQ in Suffern NY. Also, an OMG acoustic show at Warwick Valley Winery Sun 2/23- this will be a variety show- we'll do lots of Grateful Dead & Allman Brothers, as well as a lot of other classic rock with Great harmonies & jammin'. The 2/9 & 3/1 shows will be Grateful Dead shows.

- Special weekend Open Mic Nite Fri 2/21 at In The Drink in Wayne NJ at Preakness Golf Course. Come out & do a set, or listen & get baked! Nice early 7:00 start time- 6:30 sign up.

- Brunch gig at Copper Barn in Middletown NY Sun 2/16. I'll be doing a lot of fingerstyle jazz & pop stylings. Food & atmosphere at this cozy rustic restaurant is off the charts. 11:a.m. start.

- Open Mic Nite at Rhodes North in Sloatsburg NY every Monday. Still going strong & one of the most special & fun nights of the week (& maybe even life). Come experience the ecstatic musical, gustatory, & Bacchanalian, Dionysian festival-like atmosphere that is created every Monday night by the magical alchemical synergy among venue, people, & amenities! 8:00- sign up- 7:30.

- Solos & duos & the usual fine restaurants & clubs I (we) haunt, frequent, & perform at.

- Guitar lesson from Ray Longchamp- send an email to this website for inquiries. I also teach 5 string banjo, mandolin, ukelele, & bass. Any style, any age, any level.

- Senior communities during the day.

- Punxsutawney Phil, Peach Project, OMG, Longchamp & Manzo, & Ray Longchamp solo can't wait to see your shadows & the rest of you at our gigs this month!

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